Deities of Qentwyn

Calath Vir
Domain: Life, Death
Aliases: The High Judge, the Black Rider, the Reaper
Weapons: Warhammer, Light Hammer
Tenets: Lawful Neutral
   - Balance is necessary in all things
   - Every life is measured and ends when it must
   - All are equal under the judgment of death

One of the oldest gods in Qentwyn, Calath Vir is the judge of life, and moderates and judges the appropriate lengths for mortal lives. He often appears as a black robed figure bearing a set of scales in one hand, and a gavel or hammer in the other. He, along with his siblings Barvandor and Kelevran, slumber in great keeps far beneath the earth. His priests, called Virians, often proceed over temples which include large graveyards, and are common in most cities, and well-organized.

Domain: Tempest 
Aliases: Father of Storms, the Sea-King, Walker of the Deep
Weapons: Scythe
Tenets: Chaotic Neutral
   - Chaos is part of life; we must accept it as such
   - Nature is primal; those who tame it are strong
   - The strong survive, the weak perish

The god of storms and the sea, Barvandor was responsible for the raising of the oceans and the creation of many of the original landmasses of Qentwyn. He appears as a figure wreathed in lightning, bearing a large scythe with which he cuts down the weak in society. His clerics and paladins, known commonly as Tempestwalkers, lack any sort of organization, and small temples are generally only found near ports or harbors, or at the sea.

Domain: Nature
Aliases: The Leafy Queen, the High Druidess, the Daughter of the Trees
Weapons: Quarterstaff
Tenets: Neutral
   - Nature is peaceful, those who disturb it are foul
   - True happiness can only be found in peace
   - All creation is bound together in mutual respect

The goddess of nature and peace, Kelevran created many of the original flora and fauna which populate the world. She left many glades and groves across the world bearing stunning beauty, which her followers venerate as natural temples. She often appears as a red-haired maiden with wooden skin holding a quarterstaff. Her priests, most often druids, maintain natural temples in places of great beauty but can very rarely be found in any cities or urban places.

Domain: Light
Aliases: The Revealer, the Elder Sun
Weapons: Spear, Glaive
Tenets: Chaotic Good
   - Those who hide are dark; they must be healed
   - Secrets are vile; they must be revealed
   - Light should strive to reach the darkest places

Part of a younger generation, sibling to Durvarn and husband to Anderon, Asander rules his demiplane of Galithrace in the elemental plane of water. He is often depicted as a tall winged white angel, holding a spear tipped with the sun. His followers, Revealers, are exceedingly common and often maintain large and complex temples in large cities, where they attempt to root out corruption and what they see as illicit or hidden. Asander created the original elves, the high elves, and as such is worshipped and venerated by that race.

Domain: Knowledge
Aliases: The Librarian, the Writer of Fate, the Chronicler
Weapons: Axes
Tenets: Neutral Good
   - Knowledge must be collected; lest it be lost
   - All things can be found by looking at our past
   - Those who destroy knowledge destroy life

The god of knowledge and history, Durvarn is often depicted as a bespectacled librarian sitting atop a throne of books. He is said to be constantly recording all of history, every detail, in his demiplane of Lanermene in the plane of water. His followers, the Chroniclers, maintain temple complexes that function as libraries, stuffed to the brim with scrolls and books filled with archaic knowledge, making them popular among wizards. Durvarn also created both the halflings and the gnomes, and imbued them both with reasonable amounts of curiosity, and as such is worshipped. Indeed, it is said that many of the best libraries in the world are maintained by his gnomes, who possess the intellect and memory to manage them. 

Domain: Light
Aliases: The Hammer of Judgment, the Macebearer
Weapons: Maces
Tenets: Lawful Good
   - Evil actions deserve swift retribution
   - The weak must be protected from the strong
   - The good must shield the good from harm

The goddess of judgment, retribution, and justice, Anderon rules her demiplane of Biruos from a beautiful shining palace, where she takes the form of a silver-armored paladin. By far one of the more popular deities, Anderon’s followers, the Hammers, keep large and simple temples in almost every major city, where they dispense help to the poor and provide healing and care, while often maintaining personal armies which serve alongside “righteous” causes. As the creator of both the human and dwarven races, Anderon is often worshipped and venerated as the “original ancestor” of those peoples.

Domain: Trickery
Aliases: The Hidden Queen, the Mother of Secrets
Weapons: Daggers, Darts
Tenets: Neutral Evil
   - One can increase power by using the shadows
   - Those that hide in darkness, live longest
   - Revealing your true motives is weakness

One of the youngest generation of deities, and sibling to Palvedd and Adothal, Helassa rules her demiplane of Azarine with an iron fist, cloaking much of the realm in shadow. She is often depicted as a cloaked figure, with a single twinkling eye under the hood. Her followers, the Deceivers, are often in conflict with followers of Asander, and work to sow secrets and dissent among the civilizations of the world, or seek to rule vast criminal organizations (often earning her veneration in thieving and assassination circles). She is the creator of the tieflings, and is still worshipped within many tiefling communities.

Domain: War
Aliases: The Conqueror, the Bloody Sword
Weapons: Morning Stars
Tenets: Lawful Evil
   - The weak will bow to the will of the strong
   - There must be an iron-clad rule on earth
   - The strong deserve to conquer the earth

The god of conquest and blood, Palvedd once led the armies of the evil gods in war against good. Often depicted as a fully-armored figure swinging a bloody morning star, Palvedd rules the iron demiplane of Munamn in the elemental plane of fire. His followers are generally not clerics but rather more power-hungry rulers or warriors who invoke his dark blessings. His marriage with the demon lord Rivessa created Navandel and the race of the drow, who worship both Rivessa and Palvedd and serve as his servants on the earth.

Domain: Death
Aliases: The Corrupter, the Twister of Souls
Weapons: Sickle
Tenets: Chaotic Evil
   - A distortion of natural form is ultimate beauty
   - Death is not an end, but a beginning
   - True power bends others to their will

The goddess of corruption and distortion, Adothal often takes the appearance of a sickly skeleton beneath a green robe. Dwelling in the demiplane of Orogeth, she takes particular delight in performing experiments, twisting or stitching together forms to create new horrid types of life. The dragonborn were her creations, due to experiments with dragons, and some of them still heed her call. Her followers, Corruptors, take every opportunity to experiment on poor souls.

Domain: Knowledge
Aliases: The Blacksmith, the Ironshaper
Weapons: Hammer
Tenets: Lawful Neutral
   - Beauty can be found in craftsmanship
   - A strong work ethic makes for a strong soul
   - Smithing is the highest form of creation

A less powerful god, Ogwas is the deity of blacksmithing and ironwork. Ruling from a demiplane known only as the Grey Forge, Ogwas provides blessing to those who craft and build. While he doesn’t generally have any devoted priesthood, many craftsmen pay homage to him, and the Dusk Elves, his chosen people, particularly venerate him.

Domain: Light
Aliases: The White Flame, the Hearth’s Daughter
Weapons: Short Swords
Tenets: Neutral Good
   - The world should be filled with divine light
   - Cleansing fire can cauterize the deepest wound
   - It is our duty to cleanse the evil of the world
The daughter of Asander and Anderon, Cirithel is a lower-class goddess of flame. She dwells with her father in his plane of Galithrace, though she more often comes down to earth. Her followers, though smaller, are called the White Flames, and have several monasteries in the world, seeking out evil in all forms and destroying it utterly, often with fire and blade.

Domain: Nature
Aliases: The Dragonfather, the Scaled One
Weapons: Claws
Tenets: Chaotic Neutral
   - Dragonkind is a superior race to other mortals
   - True perfection is in the dragon’s scales
   - Together, dragons and mortals can conquer

The god of dragons, Vementhyr is often depicted as a great shining dragon with many colors inside his rainbow scales. He is said to have had two children, one good and one evil, from which all the chromatic and metallic dragons were born. He dwells in a fey plane called Miserun, where he watches over his children and their interactions with mortals. He is very seldom worshipped, though many dragonborn chose to venerate him over Adothal.

Domain: Nature, Trickery
Aliases: The Woodland Wanderer, the Swiftbow
Weapons: Longbows, Shortbows
Tenets: Chaotic Good

A lesser god of the bow and of the forest, there are some who believe Nessarem to be the demigod son of Kelevran and an elf. He often takes the form of a wood elf dressed in fine green leather, and travels through the forests and bushes on lengthy hunts, accompanied by angels. He is one of the few gods to seem to dwell entirely on earth, though he does often make his rounds in the fey courts. He is seldom worshipped formally, more often sacrificed to or venerated by the singular hunter or small enclave of woodland elves. 

Domain: War
Aliases: The Squire, the Armsman
Weapons: Any Martial
Tenets: True Neutral
   - Weapon skill is as pure a skill as any learning
   - Perfecting one weapon is a life's work
   - The true master of a weapon never uses any other

The former squire of the god Palvedd, Gemendyne left the service of his master when Palvedd's nature for conquest and destruction became readily apparent. Choosing instead to pursue a course of weapons training, Gemendyne spent centuries perfecting weapon after weapon, training in disguise with the mortal masters. He has very few worshipers, with mostly fighters undergoing training paying homage to him. He takes the form of a human youth, bearing whatever weapon he's currently training with, and thoroughly enjoys to challenge people in fights while disguised. His symbol remains very similar to that of Palvedd's, though an inquiring eye can spot a slash and a rapier blade through the middle of the symbol.

Domain: Knowledge
Aliases: The Princess in the Stars
Weapons: Rapiers, Shortbows
Tenets: Lawful Good
   - The stars can guide us home, both in geography and in our souls
   - To study the stars is to study the nature of things, and a worthy pursuit
   - All things must come to pass, like the stars rise and fall in the night

Often depicted as a very young goddess, sometimes shown as being only five to ten years old, Fennalir is the goddess of the stars and constellations. She is small in the grand pantheon, and yet is worshipped by some small and very devoted groups. She is often worshipped by those who study the stars and astrology for signs, and is often a goddess revered by wizards, warlocks, monks, and sorcerers.

Deities of Qentwyn

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